ESG Belden

Commitment to our People

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

We are committed to fostering a company culture that seeks diversity, embodies inclusion, and promotes belonging in our core beliefs and practices. With this foundation, opportunities to grow, utilize talents, and actively participate will create equity across our global organization.


Our focus is to foster a culture of teamwork that upholds diversity and inclusion, and we are dedicated to creating an environment of equity for the people that we employ.


In 2023, we appointed a new Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to lead this important work, He is focused on creating company-wide diversity and inclusion plans including a full workplace assessment, comprehensive workplace policy reviews, employee training, and the introduction of employee resource groups. We are working diligently to create a more just and equitable workplace and to communicating our progress at Belden over time.


Goal: By 2025, as a first step toward our vision of a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, we will deliver unconscious bias training to 100% of the Belden team worldwide.




Employee Growth & Development 

We define this topic as the training, development, and career growth opportunities to attract, support, and retain skilled talent from around the world. We inspire each other to continuously learn and grow to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, while developing careers that help achieve our personal aspirations. 


Our Talent System

We believe that highly engaged team members provided with the right tools, working environment, and supportive leadership can deliver fantastic results. We want Belden to be a place people choose to work because they can really make a difference. Our Talent System helps ensure we provide ample opportunity for challenging developmental work, formal and informal skills development, and recognition for achievements. It also ensures that our teams stay focused on the things that will progress our strategy and deliver results for our customers and other stakeholders well into the future.

Key components of our Talent System include,

  • The performance of our associates is based on what was delivered and how it was done. Living our values every day is as important as delivering the results.

  • Hiring, development, and succession plans are built around the company's strategic plan and reviewed annually. We utilize global functional teams from across our business units to agree on specific actions that build the capabilities we need now and into the future.

  • We hold employee pulse surveys twice a year with a representative cut of 50% of the organization. Associated feedback & our overall results have improved year over year for six years and our engagement scores are in line with the very best companies across all industries.

Goal: By 2025, 75% of Belden's top 150 positions will have been filled with talent that has been developed within our company.

Goal: By 2025, over 85% of team members will agree that they have the opportunity for development and growth at Belden.



Early Career Leadership Program

Launch, Belden’s early career leadership program, allows recent college graduates to participate in three twelve-month job rotations to develop business acumen and participate in action-based learning curriculum.


Goal: By 2025, over 200 professionals will have graduated from our Early Career Leadership Program and our Intern Program.



Pathways to Employment

Belden’s Pathways to Employment program seeks to address the impacts of the opioid epidemic on individuals seeking employment. In partnership with health services and professional development groups in Richmond, Indiana, Belden applicants who fail pre-employment drug testing are offered an opportunity to enroll in a personalized drug rehabilitation program. Upon successful completion, candidates are offered a job at Belden, along with resources and support to maintain a substance-free lifestyle. This program combines our commitment to the safety of our employees and quality of our products as we work towards a solution that address health, safety, wellness, and economic opportunity for all. 


Employee Well-Being & Engagement

We create a healthy, safe and inspiring workplace that has a positive impact on our colleagues, and the communities in which we live and work.


Our culture and benefits are designed to meet the professional and personal needs of our employees and their families, and are adapted to the various countries in which we operate. To this end, we provide competitive working arrangements and benefits that include:

  • Up to 5 days paid leave per year to work on programs in local communities
  • Flexible working arrangements, including remote working when in a role where this is feasible
  • Competitive benefits programs tailored to local market needs, including retirement programs and wellness plans
  • Employee stock ownership and purchase plans   
  • Up to 5 days paid leave per year to volunteer in local communities.
  • Flexible working arrangements, including remote working when feasible.
  • Competitive benefits programs tailored to local market needs, including retirement programs and wellness plans.
  • Employee stock ownership and purchase plans.

Goal: By 2025, 60% of global team members will participate in company wellness programs.



Connect with Community

In 2020, we launched the Connect with Community program to support local organizations and communities. We are inspired by our employees’ desires to help their local communities, and this program helps us support them in these efforts. Program highlights include:

  • Up to 5 days paid leave for employee volunteerism.
  • Increased company gift matching program amount to 2x the employee contribution—with no contribution ceiling.
  • Expanded corporate donations to organizations offering STEM programs for youth in diverse groups.

By 2025, global team members will be encouraged to participate in 16 hours per year of community related activities.


A People-Centered Safety Culture

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) are fundamental to our culture and are at the forefront of everything we do. Our corporate EHS Policy sets the highest standards in an effort to safeguard human health in all of our operations.


Through our EHS Management System, we continuously track health and safety KPI’s, including incident rates, which are well below industry average. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we strive toward a zero-incident rate workplace for our employees.


Supply Chain Labor Standards

This topic focuses on labor management in the supply chain, including direct and indirect suppliers. We source responsibly and ensure our suppliers uphold ethical and fundamental labor standards, and that workers’ rights are protected. We expect our suppliers and business partners to uphold our values and our commitment to ethics, health and safety, and human rights in accordance with our Code of Conduct.


Belden is a proud member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), which is the world’s largest coalition of businesses dedicated to creating ethical global supply chains.


Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our business partners, to follow all applicable laws and regulations and to share our commitment to environmental stewardship, ethics, health and safety, human rights, and labor issues. To ensure suppliers meet our expectations with respect to responsible, ethical, and legal business practices, we've established the Belden Supplier Code of Conduct.


As such, we seek to maintain a resilient supply chain that includes supplier relationships with like-minded business that value corporate sustainability adoption.



Conflict Minerals Policy

Belden is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our stakeholders and as such, performed an analysis of our product components and the role our suppliers play throughout our manufacturing and product delivery chain. We've adopted the standard Conflict Minerals Report established by the Responsible Materials Initiative (“RMI”) and launched our initial conflict minerals due diligence communication survey to these suppliers in 2013. We continue to perform annual due diligence analyses with our 3TG suppliers to ensure the continued integrity of our 3TG supply chain.



Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

Belden is committed to ethical, legal and socially responsible business practices in its operations across the globe. This includes, but is not limited to, a commitment to ensure that our supply chain is free from slave labor and human trafficking. This statement, made pursuant to the 2010 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the 2015 United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act, highlight Belden’s efforts to ensure our supply chain is free from human trafficking and slave labor.


: By 2025, we will assess the responsible sourcing risks in Belden's supply chain, conduct audits of most at-risk tier 1 direct suppliers and engage 100% of conflict minerals suppliers.