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Extensive technology & product training for                        professional development and...

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Belden’s learning and development courses include flexible certification, product and custom training options across multiple platforms. Collectively, partners and customers can to expand their installation, automation, network management knowledge, while building technical aptitude and applications expertise.

Whether you’re new to the industry or are a seasoned pro, Belden offers multiple training options to enhance your technical skills, improve your on-the-job effectiveness and deliver more value to clients.

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Why Train with Belden?


Training Your Way

  • Live and on-demand learning opportunities
  • Certifiable training courses available in all major languages
  • Learning program packages & customizable options tailored to your unique requirements

Complete Automation Expertise

  • Technology training for building in-depth networking architecture expertise 
  • Application training to bridge IT & OT networks
  • Product training to realize the full potential of your networking investment

Future-Proof Your Network

  • Latest trends including Industrie 4.0 & more
  • Technology expertise to evolve your network including TSN & more
  • Bespoke solutions including side-by-side co-creation for custom-build networking solutions