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Title Date Description Brand Speaker
Industrial Ethernet at the Sensor LevelSept 30, 2020The evolution of OT Networks through Sensor-to-Cloud solutions. HirschmannSvenja Litz
Secure Communication in Industrial IEEE802.11 Wireless NetworksSept 30, 2020Gain practical working knowledge of Secure Communication in Industrial IEEE802.11 wireless networks. Hirschmann | Tofino SecurityMufaddal Abbas
A Machine Builder’s Ingenious Use of Remote Connectivity to Improve Productivity September 29, 2020An in-depth look at the ProSoft Connect solution enabling this machine builder to provide remote connectivity as part of their standard solution offering.  ProSoftVishal Prakash
How Does an Always-On Network Help Utilities? September 22, 2020Important OT security features to consider for maintaining operational readiness.   ProSoftVishal Prakash
Decoding Sensor to Cloud September 16, 2020Considerations for converged IT/OT network from Sensor to Cloud.  HirschmannCiaran Burns
ELV Cabling Solutions & Important Factors September 10, 2020Important considerations when selecting ELV cabling. BeldenAbhishek Verma
Industrial Remote Connectivity Reimagined August 27, 2020Learn how easy ProSoft Connect is to use & how this technology satisfies IT & OT security requirements across multiple connectivity types of connectivity.  ProSoftVishal Prakash
Preparing for AV over IP & Future-proof Infrastructure August 25, 2020Get up to speed quickly on AV-over-IP to ensure your network infrastructure can support what's coming. BeldenDaniel Charles | Bob Ferguson
IT Security Considerations for Industrial Remote Connectivity: Part 2 August 20, 2020Important IT security features & considerations for selecting a remote connectivity solution that ensures OT readiness. ProSoftVishal Prakash
OT Security Considerations for Industrial Remote Connectivity: Part 1August 13, 2020Essential OT security features for operational reliability & readiness.  ProSoft Vishal Prakash
The Integration of Smart Building Systems with Belden's Total SolutionAugust 1, 2020The Integration of Smart Building Systems with Belden Total Solutions. BeldenLau Chang Yau
Cabling Systems to Support In-Building Wireless July 29, 2020Progression of wireless technology including factors impacting wireless signals & the cabling/connectivity needed to support continued reliance on licensed & unlicensed wireless platforms. BeldenMatt Baum | Ron Tellas
Future of Remote Networking July 16, 2020Persistent Data Networks minimize unnecessary site visits–learn how to set one up for your locations.  ProSoftVishal Prakash | Feby Mohammed | Simon Kembo
Building Resilient Networks with Next-Generation Redundancy Technologies July 14, 2020Fault-Tolerant Networks with Next-Generation Redundancy Technologies BeldenChew Kian Hwee
Testing to Support Latest Fiber Applications June 23, 2020Overview of requirements for various new fiber applications such as Data Centers, Smart Buildings, 5G & PON testing. Belden in partnership with Fluke NetworksJim Davis, Fluke Networks | Ron Tellas, Belden
Remote Connectivity for IT & OT June 3, 2020 An overview for IT-secure & OT-friendly ProSoft Connect. Watch to learn more about how your business will benefit.  ProSoftVishal Prakash
Beyond 100 Meters: Application-Specific Cabling & Testing May 19, 2020Join us as we examine key testing parameters & how they’re affected by channel length. Belden in partnership with Fluke NetworksJim Davis, Fluke Networks | Ron Tellas, Belden
Advanced Redundancy Concepts in OT NetworkingMay 12, 2020Advanced Redundancy fundamentals, OT networks & when to use them in the applications. HirschmannMats Johannesson
Remote Access Solutions May 6, 2020Overview of Remote Access Solution options & considerations. HirschmannLuiz Araujo
Wireless Solutions in OT Networks May 20, 2020Application, environment, user, bandwidth requirements & future goals are addressed as we cover key infrastructure consideration for choosing cabling. BeldenIngacio Bravo
Redundancy Concepts in OT Networking April 29, 2020Redundancy fundamentals, benefits & solutions for OT Networks. BeldenMats Johannesson
Pop-Up Healthcare: Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19 April 16, 2020Alternate care sites during Covid 19 & the technology, cabling & connectivity needed to support them. Belden Ron Tellas
IoT Cabling Standards April 7, 2020An overview of the wide range of standards currently under development from associations such as IEEE & TIA in 2020 BeldenHenry Franc | Ron Tellas
Remote Connectivity Solutions April 14, 2020How to use the secure remote connectivity service ProSoft Connect to monitor equipment anywhere, anytime. ProSoftVishal Prakash
Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Basics April 4, 2020Learn more about the benefits of these Ethernet standards to help companies better manage increasing data flows, network configurations, lower cost & improve security & Belden's role in shaping the technology.  Hirschmann | BeldenIgnacio Bravo
IP Convergence: Everything You Need to Know about Cabling February 27, 2020Items to consider when choosing infrastructure cabling including application, environment, users, bandwidth needs & future requirements. BeldenDaniel Charles | Ron Tellas
November 11, 2020 After this webinar you will understand the ever increasing importance of security in an interconnected IT/OT Network. HirschmannTobias Heer
Oct 28, 2020Understand the role of edge solutions in creating interconnections between IT-OT. Hirschmann | BeldenIgnacio Bravo
Oct 14, 2020A look at Field-Level Solutions for access to sensor data. Belden | HirschmannGeert Bracke