Transform your Network with Next Generation Hirschmann Devices

Hirschmann's cutting-edge product families running HiOS software are set to revolutionize industrial networking with their state-of-the-art technology and superior performance. These advanced products provide a reliable and efficient solution for modern industrial environments and a offer a seamless transition from our Classic Software-based equivalents with no unscheduled downtime.


Belden will discontinue variants of Hirschmann Classic Software Switches. The last order date is 31 December 2023. Newer models of these switches are available running the state-of-the-art Hirschmann Operating System HiOS. These switches are drop-in replacements for their Classic Software based equivalents.


HiOS- Hirschmann Operating System 

HiOS is a single operating system which runs on an extensive range of hardware, from DIN Rail edge switches to backbone routers, providing all devices with consistent functionality and a harmonious user interface. Office and industrial management protocols bridge the gap between IT and OT networks. Free-of-charge software updates ensure that the products stay up to date with the latest technologies throughout their operational lifetime. All devices running HiOS are developed in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1. 


  • Enhanced Security: Comprehensive functionality to build a secure network foundation
  • Redundancy: Multiple technologies to match industrial network topologies, including MRP, MSTP, PRP, HSR, DLR and VRRP.
  • Future Proof: Regular software updates, plus a brand-agnostic, built-in OPC UA server to bridge communication between all levels of automation.
  • Real-Time Communication: Free, embedded and easily configurable TSN functionality with no special hardware, software or knowledge required.
Classic Switch to Upgrade Equivalent Next Generation Switch
RSB Family GECKO SeriesLEMUR Lite Managed Switches Coming Soon
OpenRail RS20/30/40 Family BOBCAT BRS
Variants of MACH104 Family GREYHOUND GRS106
MICE Family MSP Modular MSP30/40
All Changes Explained in One Video

The Next Generation of Managed Switches

By Mark Cooksley
Not sure how these changes will impact you? See our video which will explain in detail what will happen to the managed switches portfolio of Belden.

Test drive the HiOS graphical user interface.

Connect to a BOBCAT BRS switch from a PC, tablet or phone.

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Password: public


  1. The HTTPS certificate is self-signed by Hirschmann and will generate a warning in your browser.
  2. The access is read-only. The Set and Save options will be disabled or invisible.
  3. The user account does not allow access to some security screens.