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Trusted guidance throughout your digital transformation


Belden Customer Innovation Center’s Technical Consultants are the experts that can be relied upon to design the best-fit solution for your business.



Proof of concept
at our CIC labs


Thanks to the fully equipped Validation Labs our experts validate and improve your tailored network solution before even implementing it at your locations.

Global network
of experts


Our global team of experts harness the culture of collaboration, transforming challenges into effective digital solutions that ensure your successful outcomes.

solution approach



Our holistic method to digital transformation and our flexible approach to delivery ensure that you are in the best position possible to succeed in your goals for digitization.




Designing and validating a solution tailored to your priorities

Your network home away from home

  • We build, simulate, and replicate what you do and encounter in your environment.
  • We validate your needs and requirements before the solution is purchased, delivered, and installed in your location.
  • Our Belden Horizon technology enables remote connectivity to our cloud platform.
  • Our labs leverage the advanced capabilities of the CIC together with your specific resources to validate your network solution more accurately.

Proof of concept

  • Once we understand our customers’ needs and requirements, we carry out a proof of concept.
  • We bring together the designs, architectures and even your own end point devices.
  • We further analyze your network solution performance and improve upon it.
  • We deliver documentation of the activities and testing performed.

Measuring success

  • Our success is measured against the KPIs provided by our customers.
  • We simulate any scenario and tailor the network design until it performs up to your expectations.
  • Based on the project's complexity, we define specific KPIs for different stages.
  • We deliver a full report of the final network solution.

Ready to start a project?

Our experts are ready to guide you step-by-step in your digitization journey by designing and validating the best solution for your needs.

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