Network and Data Solution Capabilities

Improve Production Uptime, Enable Real-Time Analytics and Unify Data

Now is the Time to Digitize

In the era of Industry 4.0, the convergence of digital technologies is reshaping the manufacturing landscape at an unprecedented pace. And although digitization promises advanced analytics, operational efficiencies and productivity improvements, many manufacturers face significant obstacles preventing true digitization:













Facing these challenges requires a robust network foundation to make sense of your data and turn it into a competitive edge. The question is, where do you start?


How Belden Can Help

Belden network and data solution capabilities offer a simpler, smarter and more secure path for achieving Industry 4.0. Monetize your high-value data, propel productivity gains, and generate more revenue when you work with Belden.


Connect every facet of your operations: machines, people, processes, technology and more.



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Network Resilience

Improve network performance and
boost production uptime

 A resilient network maintains reliable service and prioritizes critical applications for better production uptime. Belden can help you build resiliency, connecting machines and assets to the network using your legacy technology to eradicate business blind spots and ensure available bandwidth.

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Edge Computing

Enable real-time analytics and accelerate data processing

 Edge computing enables you to process data faster and more accurately at the source, reducing extensive data transfer to the cloud and limiting security risks. This empowers you to access, analyze, and act on information locally, solving any issues that arise faster and saving costs and time.

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Data Interoperability

Unify data and achieve
end-to-end visibility

 Data interoperability translates proprietary protocols into a common language, connecting your data islands and facilitating consistent and secure data flow. By bringing your disparate data together, you can use it to power your applications and analytics for better decision-making.


CPG and Automotive Plants Produce Massive Amounts of Data

Don’t let opportunities to boost efficiency and revenue pass you by. Belden helps you collect, convert and analyze data so you can derive actionable insights to guide business and operational decisions.


Explore how Belden enhances performance across your manufacturing plant floor.




Strategize with Confidence

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