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How is Technology Changing Machine Building?

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) evolution, machine builders face rapid-fire changes in technology, security risks, data demands and much more.

machine-to-machine  Machine-to-machine communication via the IIoT is creating a new landscape for machine builders. Sensors and data communication technology are being built into equipment that can enable the equipment to be tracked, coordinated and controlled.
 analytics Another impact of IIoT is the demand for real-time data on productivity, component inventory, efficiency and scheduled maintenance. This is driving more devices and operations to be connected so the data can be transmitted to a central (sometimes remote) control center.
 people working together Machine Builders, specifically in the conveyor industry, are increasingly taking on a “system integration” role. That is, they are taking complete responsibility for system design, hardware selection, engineering, software support and systems implementation.
 Machine Learning Machine learning is a rapidly developing technology being adopted by machine builders. According to the National Institute of Standards (NIST), machine learning can improve production capacity by up to 20% and lower material consumption rates by 4%.
 Man with ipad As IIoT adoption increases and machines require more bandwidth, Ethernet is emerging as the new standard, overtaking fieldbus. Ethernet offers several advantages including faster speeds, easy scalability and the consolidation and simplification of networks that can result in lower costs and greater uptime.
 Automation Image 3-1 The robotics market is growing rapidly as automation increases in production facilities. Robots are being used to perform assembly tasks, deliver component parts, move items between production sectors and even perform maintenance. Some are pre-programmed to operate on a specific schedule while others are called into service on-demand. Control of these activities might be managed on the plant floor – or from a remote office.
 Customization-graphic Mass personalization is becoming increasingly important. Machine Builders need to deliver custom products for a similar price point of more standard machines.
 box factory Demand for automated storage and retrieval systems is increasing in automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This reflects the on-going need for improving efficiency in real-time inventory management of both component parts and finished goods.
 spacemaker-application Miniaturization is driving the evolution of electronic cables. As machines become smaller, new electronic cables need to be designed to fit into the smaller spaces that machines and devices will now provide. The need for smaller, industrial-grade network components will only continue to grow.

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