Single Pair Ethernet Technology


Single Pair Ethernet simplifies industrial communication

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables flexible, transparent sensor-to-cloud connectivity for industrial and smart building environments while eliminating the space, distance, bandwidth and power limitations associated with either traditional multi-pair Ethernet, industrial fieldbus or sensor systems and cabling.


How does SPE work?

SPE uses only one pair of copper wires to transmit data at speeds between 10 Mb/s and 10 Gb/s while also providing power—all while establishing seamless Ethernet connectivity from the sensor to the cloud (without proprietary systems and gateways) and offering a reach of up to 1,000 m.


What does SPE enable?

This helps discrete manufacturers, process industry plants, logistics centers, mass transportation rolling stock and stations, and commercial buildings take advantage of IIoT and innovations like predictive maintenance, which rely on high volumes of data and AI-based analytics.


Furthermore, it facilitates fast commissioning and simplifies monitoring and maintenance tasks, making all devices visible and accessible from the engineering and operations terminals connected to the same network, establishing IT/OT convergence.


How does Belden support SPE?

Belden has a strong bench of experts who understand not only SPE, but also the unwavering demands of rugged industrial environments, from automotive manufacturing environments to process industry plants.


We’re actively engaged in the SPE Industrial Partner Network to accelerate the adoption of next-gen OT and IIoT connectivity using Ethernet instead of proprietary communication technologies. We’re also a member of the Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (SPEC), working alongside the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) for the same purpose.


Belden’s SPE portfolio includes passive connectivity, such as cables and connectors, and active connectivity, such as I/O devices and switches. Belden’s comprehensive offering creates new possibilities and applications for industrial Ethernet.


Explore our Single Pair Ethernet solutions 



What SPE offers for industrial environments



Reduced costs: Involves less material and has fewer installation and maintenance requirements 


Fast installation: Lighter and easier to install than traditional cables and connectors because only two wires must be connected 


Longer distances: Excellent range and device coverage for futureproof network communication



Easy integration: Seamlessly connect to existing Ethernet environments and applications 


Efficient performance: Unify network configuration, operation and maintenance



Improved flexibility: Standards-based protocol supports interoperability from cloud to edge so machines use the same language




Enable a new type of data transmission


Belden can not only help you find the products you need, but also develop your SPE migration path and provide technical support and training along the way. We provide a complete port-to-port Single-Pair Ethernet portfolio for all types of industrial automation environments.




Reliable, uninterrupted power and data connectivity from remote field devices to the cloud in harsh environments.





Cost-effective, futureproof connectivity to support real-time data acquisition and transmission to optimize operations.