Belden Network Assessment Service

Boost operational efficiency by gaining insight into your data workflow and digital maturity – and commission a network solution tailored for your precise needs.


Be confident in your network


Data-driven insights have changed our everyday life. How efficient could your operations become if they could use the data already in your hands to learn, adapt and meet changing demands? This is what digitization is enabling us to achieve.


At Belden, we understand the operational, quality, safety and innovation demands of today’s connected plant – and we empower our customers to succeed by making the most of their real-time OT data.


Belden’s Network Assessment Service will provide you with a blueprint for a proven, end-to-end solution – one that’s designed to meet your specific KPIs and unique requirements, while ensuring your network outperforms industry benchmarks.


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The next right step in your digitization journey


Belden’s Network Assessment begins with a comprehensive understanding of your operation’s workflow and processes. Our consultants will dive deep with you to identify challenges and uncover opportunities.


The next step is an in-depth audit of the current state of your network. We then benchmark the findings against your desired state and conclude with a recommended business plan to maximize your return on investment.


Workflow assessment

Evaluate the digital maturity of your plant and uncover automation opportunities


Network survey

Analyze network infrastructure, data flow and data management


Network benchmark

Benchmark installed solution against desired state in Belden Customer Innovation Center™ Lab



Proven success from Belden's Network Assessment Service


Experts from Belden’s Customer Innovation Center created a tailored solution to help a 95-year-old manufacturing plant eliminate production blind spots, gain OEE visibility and transform machine maintenance, resulting in double-digit productivity improvements.






The elements behind a best-in-class network


Belden’s Network Assessment service explores six core technical elements in order to uncover opportunities for optimization. Each stage of our service offers you the opportunity to engage with our industry experts, who strive to design – with and for you – the best sustainable solution for your operational efficiency.


Operations workflow

  • Operational challenges
  • Asset digital maturity
  • Workflow data utilization


Industrial cybersecurity

  • Firewalls, zones and conduits
  • Deep-packet inspection
  • Secure remote access


Network infrastructure

  • Field connectivity
  • Data bandwidth and latency
  • OT backbone network


Edge computing

  • Data conversion
  • Onsite real-time analytics
  • Cloud connectivity



  • Site survey
  • Seamless wireless transmission
  • Cellular options


Data management

  • Data storage
  • Edge computing and analytics
  • Data visualization and reporting


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