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Material Delays Causing Project Setbacks? Not Anymore!

Kikie Kunplin

Have you noticed it, too? Over the past few years, we’ve created a world where everyone expects everything to happen faster—whether they’re downloading a file, waiting in line, anticipating a reply email or placing an online order. And there’s no signs of slowing down.

Ten years ago, the average U.S. internet service provider could deliver tens of megabits of data per second. Today, ISPs deliver services that are at least 10 times faster … and speeds continue to increase.


Especially as our reliance on technology continues to grow amid the pandemic, we’re becoming accustomed to nearly instantaneous responses. We can see a doctor in a virtual health clinic within minutes. We can order groceries online and have them delivered a few hours later. We expect more—and we expect it sooner.


This shift has accelerated bandwidth demands, which is leading more enterprise environments to fiber solutions. Fiber offers practically unlimited bandwidth levels, making it the cable of choice to support growing speeds. And once a fiber cabling project is under way, your client will expect fast deployment with no delays.


Sometimes delays are beyond your control: change orders, supply-chain issues, workforce challenges, equipment failure and weather, to name just a few. Other times, however, there are proactive steps you can take to prevent setbacks.


Consider this: What would happen on your jobsite if the wrong product was ordered (or delivered)? Or if you ran out of connectors? Or if a sudden change meant you needed longer cable runs than you originally planned? In many cases, these sudden surprises would create project delays. But we know that last-minute project changes and mistakes are bound to happen.


To make sure fiber product availability and accessibility don’t slow you down, Belden is working with its vast network of distributors to offer installers and systems integrators same-day shipping on 60+ fiber cable and connectivity products. The result: You’ll save on labor, finish projects faster and build credibility with your customers.


There are no minimum or maximum order sizes: request 20 feet or 1,000 feet of cable, one connector or 500 connectors, or whatever else you need.


This same-day shipping service is available for projects of any size, too, from small enterprise data centers to large stadiums—and everything in between.


Here’s how it works:


  • Place an order for eligible products with your preferred Belden Distributor, specifying same-day shipping.
  • Specify shipping method and provide a shipping account number (UPS, FedEx, etc.).
  • Your order will ship out that same day!
  • Cut-off times apply; please contact your preferred Belden Distributor for details.


Our Fiber Same-Day Shipping service includes more than 60 of Belden’s trusted fiber products, including the FiberExpress line. You can specify same-day shipping for fiber cables, patch cords and connectivity. Additional products will be added in the future, to further improve project support.


Want to learn more about Belden’s Fiber Same-Day Shipping service? Start here!