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Sometimes Projects Can’t Wait on Materials to Arrive

There are timelines to beat, clients to keep happy, last-minute changes that happen or things overlooked during planning. That’s why Belden is working with our distributors to launch a new same-day shipping service for its fiber cable and connectivity solutions. There are no minimum or maximum orders on eligible products, so you can get exactly what you want, when and where you want it.   

Here’s how it works:

  • Place an order of eligible products with your preferred Belden Distributor, specifying same-day shipping

  • Specify shipping method and provide a shipping account number (UPS, FedEx, etc.)

  • Your order will ship that same day!

  • Cut-off times apply; please contact your preferred Belden Distributor for details.  

*See Terms and Conditions Below

Fiber Same-Day Shipping Eligibility

  • FX Fiber Distribution Cable

  • Standard FX Patch Cords

  • FX Pigtails

  • FX Fusion splice-on connectors

  • FX ECX

FX Fiber Distribution Cable
# of Fibers OM3 OM4 OS2
Non-unitized Plenum – Indoor
Non-unitized Plenum Armor – Indoor
Unitized 12-Fiber Sub-Units Plenum – Indoor
Unitized 12-Fiber Sub-Units Plenum Armor – Indoor
Non-unitized Plenum – Indoor/Outdoor
Non-unitized Plenum Armor – Indoor/Outdoor
Unitized 12-Fiber Sub-Units Plenum – Indoor/Outdoor
Unitized 12-Fiber Sub-Units Plenum Armor – Indoor/Outdoor
Standard FX Patch Cords
Description Length Fiber Type Part Number
LC Duplex Uniboot to LC Duplex Uniboot 2 m OM4 (Erika Violet) FP4LULU002M
3 m OM4 (Erika Violet) FP4LULU003M
OS2 (Blue/Yellow)FPSLULU003M
LC Duplex to LC Duplex 2 m OM3 (Aqua)FP3LDLD002M
OM4 (Erika Violet)FP4LDLD002M
OS2 (Blue/Yellow)FPSLDLD002M
3 m OM3 (Aqua)FP3LDLD003M
OM4 (Erika Violet)FP4LDLD003M
OS2 (Blue/Yellow)FPSLDLD003M
FX Pigtails
Description Connector Type Fiber Type Part Number
Standard Pigtail Kits (Connector on 900um Fiber)  LCOM3FT3LC900PR12
OS2 -
Standard Single Pigtails (Connector on 900um Fiber)OM3FT3LC900PS01
FX Fusion Splice-On Connectors
Description Fiber Type Part Number
LC with 900/250 μm Boot, 1/Pack Multimode - OM3/OM4 - AquaFT3LC900FS01
Multimode OM4 - Erika VioletFT4LC900FS01
Single-mode OS2 - BlueFTSLC900FS01
LC with 2 mm Boot, 1/PackMultimode - OM3/OM4 - AquaFT3LC2MMFS01
Multimode OM4 - Erika VioletFT4LC2MMFS01
Singlemode OS2 - BlueFTSLC2MMFS01
FX ECX Housings
Description Total LC Duplex using ECX Frames Total LC Duplex using ECX Cassettes Part Number
1U Housing - 2 Cassettes or Frames 32 24ECX-01U
4U Housing - 12 Cassettes or Frames 192 144ECX-04U
Standard FX ECX Frames
Description Fiber Type Part Number
LC Duplex 12(24) OM3 (Aqua Adapters)FF3X12LD
OM4 (Erika Violet Adapters)FF4X12LD
OS2 (Blue Adapters)FFSX12LD

*Terms & Conditions

  1. Available in the US and Canada only.
  2. Orders must be for eligible, in-stock products. It is Belden’s expectation that it will be able to offer same-day shipping on all eligible products. However, Belden cannot guarantee that its inventory of eligible products will always allow for same-day shipping of all orders. If we are unable to fulfill an eligible order for an eligible product on the day received, we will inform the customer and, if possible, offer potential alternatives. 
  3. Installer specifies shipping instructions, time-frame and method with Distributor.
  4. All orders must be accompanied by a shipping account name and number. All shipping charges will be billed to the provided shipping account number. Shipments will be shipped to the delivery address identified when the order is placed using the shipping method identified at the time of the order. 
  5. All sales made under this program shall be subject to Belden’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (the “Standard Terms”), with the exception of shipping charges, which will be billed to the account provided.
Eligibility Sheet


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