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4 Reasons to Hire a Certified Cable Installer

Darrin Newman

When you invest in a new or upgraded cabling system, it pays to make the most of your asset in every way possible. Choosing a futureproof solution that will support whatever technology lies ahead is one way to do this. Selecting cable and connectivity products that are backed by a reliable warranty, ensuring that installed cabling systems perform for a long time, is a second approach.

But did you know there’s yet another step you can take to solidify your infrastructure investment? Make sure your cabling installer is certified. Who better to install your cabling and connectivity products than professionals who have been specifically trained on how to properly and efficiently install them to achieve the best, most high-performance results?


A few weeks ago, we talked about the benefits of being a certified cable installer. This week, however, we’re taking a different approach, talking about why it’s beneficial to hire a certified cable installer for your next project.


1. They’re on Top of Technology

Certified cable installers are trained according to the latest, most relevant industry technology and standards – and they’re kept up to speed on changes and technology shifts.


They’re also the first to know about new ways to save time or reduce costs during installation. One good example: Belden PartnerAlliance certified cable installers are the first in the industry being trained to handle new kinds of terminations and installations that involve future, forward-thinking technology like REVConnect, a connectivity system that utilizes a single termination method using a universal termination core for all Category 5e, 6 and 6A RJ45 connections.


Once an installer is correctly trained and certified on how to work with REVConnect, it makes deployment easier and puts hours back into their day – increasing the speed of your project.


2. They Offer Valuable Product Warranties

Working with a certified cable installer often gives you access to unique, long-lasting warranties that aren’t available from non-certified installers.


Belden, for example, allows its certified installers to offer a 25-Year Product Warranty and Application Assurance to their clients. This combination ensures that your installed system will meet or exceed industry standards for 25 years, as well as support future standards and protocols. Once the cabling is put in place, you’ll be able to support whatever technology or applications you need to deploy down the road.


3. Less Opportunity for Human Error

When installers receive hands-on training and certification on the correct way to install and connect cabling infrastructure, mistakes and errors are reduced.


Even something as simple as pairing the correct connectivity component with the correct cable could be done the wrong way if an installer isn’t trained and certified on how to complete a proper installation.


You can also expect fewer network performance issues down the road when working with a certified cable installer, knowing that your systems were installed correctly the first time to ensure uptime.


4. Faster Installation No Matter What

In a hands-on setting, certified installers are taught the fastest, most efficient way to handle and install a product. In Belden’s case, certified installers are taught by our in-house systems engineers.


Certified cable installers also have a direct connection to the systems engineers and designers who designed and created the cabling and connectivity solutions being installed.


If any challenges or obstacles are encountered, an expert can be onsite quickly to help resolve the issue. This keeps your project on track, and offers you peace of mind in knowing that, if a problem does arise, an expert will help settle it right away.


Want to find a certified cable installer in your area? Try our online Partner Locator to find what you need.