Triax Cable

Offering more bandwidth and rejection of interference than a traditional coax cable with an added layer of insulation and a second conducting sheath, Belden’s Triaxial Cables are designed to perform without fail in the broadcast industry. Our comprehensive line includes diameters ranging from 14 AWG to 22 AWG for flexible or permanent installations (direct burial, riser or plenum). Common applications include analog video cameras in the broadcast and television industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Installation Options: Choose solutions for permanent installations or deployable applications
  • Jacket Options to Match the Environment: Gain flexibility with a Belflex jacket (six colors) or an SCPE thermoset jacket for rugged applications
Cable Type Technical Data
RG-59 GeneralProduct Detail
Product Detail
RiserProduct Detail
PlenumProduct Detail
Riser/WaterblockProduct Detail
RG-59, High Flex GeneralProduct Detail
RG-11 RiserProduct Detail
PlenumProduct Detail
WaterblockProduct Detail
Product Detail
Riser/WaterblockProduct Detail
RG-11, High Flex GeneralProduct Detail
PlenumProduct Detail
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