Category 6 Cable

Belden offers several Category 6 performance levels, including our REVConnect 3600 System cable with premium performance offering significant headroom, and our REVConnect 2400 System cable. Every level exceeds TIA-568-C.2 performance and is produced with Belden's superior quality. Bonded-Pair technology is an option to make your installation as robust as possible.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve Crosstalk Performance: Central spline separates pairs and maintains stable pair position
  • Optimized Cable Balance: Improved balance of transmission performance for simultaneous parallel transmission protocols
  • Performance Reliability: Guarantees across all parameters, including insertion loss and crosstalk, for excellent uptime, headroom and network speeds
  • Withstand Installation Rigors: Bonded-Pair Cables handle higher pulling tensions and tighter bend radii
  • Easy, Mess-free Outdoor Installations: Dry Core Outside Plant and Indoor/Outdoor Plenum cables contain no inconvenient water-blocking gels, tapes, or powders
Category 6 Cable
Type Shielding Rating Tech Data
Premium Performance System Cable (3600) UTP CMPBonded-Pair
UTP CMRBonded-Pair
Cat 6 Enhanced System Cable (2400) UTP CMPBonded-Pair
UTP CMRBonded-Pair
F/UTP CMPNon-Bonded
F/UTP CMRNon-Bonded
Standards Compliant UTP CMPNon-Bonded
Patch Cordage UTP CMRBonded-Pair
Outside Plant Gel FilledUTP OSPNon-Bonded
Outside Plant Dry CoreUTPOSPNon-Bonded
F/UTP OSPNon-Bonded
Outdoor OSP/CM-LSUTPOSP, CM-LSNon-Bonded
Outdoor CMR/CMXF/UTPCMR/CMX-OutdoorNon-Bonded
Outdoor CMR/CMXUTP CMR/CMX-OutdoorNon-Bonded
Outdoor CMP/CMXF/UTP CMP/CMX-OutdoorNon-Bonded
Outdoor CMP/CMXUTP  CMP/CMX-OutdoorNon-Bonded
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