Category 6 Cable, 4 Pair, U/UTP, CMP

Category 6 Premise Horizontal Cable (250MHz), 4 Pair, 23 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors, U/UTP, Plenum-CMP, Flamarrest® PVC-LS Jacket
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Product Overview

Suitable Applications

Premise Horizontal Cable, Ethernet 1000BASE-T, Ethernet 100BASE-TX, Ethernet 10BASE-T, Surveillance, PoE++, PoE+, PoE


This product has one or more applicable patents. More information on patents can be found at https://www.belden.com/patents.

Construction Details
Size Stranding Material No. of Pairs
23 Solid BC - Bare Copper 4
Material Color Code
PO+FEP - Polyolefin + Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene White/Blue Stripe & Blue, White/Orange Stripe & Orange, White/Green Stripe & Green, White/Brown Stripe & Brown
Outer Jacket
Material Material Trade Name Nom. Diameter Ripcord
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride Flamarrest® 0.224 in (5.69 mm) Yes

Overall Cable Diameter (Nominal)

0.224 in (5.69 mm)

Electrical Characteristics
Max. Conductor DCR Max. Capacitance Unbalance
78 Ohm/km 330 pF/100m
Frequency Max. Delay Max. Delay Skew Nom. Velocity of Prop.
100 MHz 537.6 ns/100m 35 ns/100m 72%
UL Voltage Rating
300 V (CMP)
Mechanical Characteristics
UL Temperature Operating Installation Storage
75°C -20°C To +75°C 0°C To +50°C -20°C To +75°C
Bend Radius
Stationary Min. Installation Min.
1.0 in (25 mm) 2.25

Max. Pull Tension

25 lbs (11 kg)

Bulk Cable Weight

25 lbs/1000ft

Standards and Compliance

Environmental Suitability

PlenumIndoor, Indoor


Product Lens™, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Available

Flammability / Reaction to Fire

NFPA 262, UL 910 (Plenum)

CPR Compliance

CPR Euroclass: Eca

NEC / UL Compliance


CEC / C(UL) Compliance


IEEE Compliance

IEEE 802.3bt Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4

Data Category

Category 6

TIA/EIA Compliance

ANSI/TIA-568.2-D Category 6

Third Party Performance Verification

Category 6

ISO/IEC Compliance

ISO/IEC 11801-1, IEC 61156-5

European Directive Compliance

EU CE Mark, EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 2 amendment), EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2), EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE), REACH: 2017-07-10

APAC Compliance

China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011)

Non-Plenum Number


Product Notes


Electrical values are expected performance based on cable testing and representative performance within a typical Belden system.


Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.113 Revision Date: 06-03-2024

Part Numbers
Item # Color Putup Type Length
D6UP 010U1000 Black UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP D15U1000 Blue UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 008U1000 Gray UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 005U1000 Green, Dark UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 003U1000 Orange UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 002U1000 Red UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 007U1000 Violet UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 009U1000 White UnReel 1,000 ft
D6UP 004U1000 Yellow UnReel 1,000 ft