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Breakout Fiber Cable

The robust construction of Belden's Breakout Fiber Cables make them ideal for demanding environments, including conduits, junction boxes, patch panels and the factory floor. They offer all the ease of a 900 µm tight buffered termination with only one fiber per sub-unit. To support rugged applications, the connector and cable's aramid yarns are bonded together to provide unmatched strength and durability. New! RailTuff Fiber Optic Cable, designed specifically for enhanced safety and fire protection for transportation applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy, Consistent Field Terminations: 900 µm tight buffered fibers make termination simpler
  • Facilitates rugged bond between connector & fiber with its 2mm & 3mm single fiber sub-units offering
  • Robust Construction: Ideal for demanding environments
  • Unmatched Strength: Aramid yarns bonded together to provide durability

Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Indoor (2-12 fibers)Non-armoredCMP, CMRProduct Detail

harsh environment 
Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Shipboard -- MarineTuffNon-armored UL & cUL: OFNR-ST1 FT4 ABS Type ApprovedProduct Detail
Shipboard -- MarineTuff Armored UL & cUL: OFCR-ST1 FT4 ABS Type ApprovedProduct Detail

RailTuff Fiber Optic Transit Cable

No. of Fibers

Fiber Types


Armor Options

Technical Data

2-18 Fiber


NFPA 130, 502

All Dielectric (no armor), Single Jacket


Interlocked Aluminum or Steel, Double Jacket

Product Detail







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