Fiber Connections for Wired and Wireless Connectivity

White paper Belden

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In this White Paper:

Imagine spending a single day without wired or wireless connectivity. No Wi-Fi access on your devices; no wireless access points providing connectivity to cameras, screens or other devices in your building; no email or chat functions for communication.

Mobile and wireless coverage have evolved to be vital utilities in today's world, equally important in our daily lives as electricity and gas. Increasingly, downtime isn't an option as connectivity is so central to our how we live and work.

Going forward, connectivity demands will only increase and as they do, new capabilities and infrastructure will be needed. For this reason, more fiber optic cable is being deployed to support our world’s bandwidth-intensive technologies. 

Infrastructure transformation will impact many industries including stadiums and entertainment venues, broadcast environments and data centers. In these verticals, applications are deploying fiber more than ever before to ensure reliable, always-on wired and wireless connectivity.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about fiber deployments including:

  • Fiber technology for data centers
  • Fiber technology for stadiums, arenas & large venues
  • Fiber technology for broadcasting
  • Challenges of increased fiber connections
  • Managing high-fiber densities with optical distribution frames (ODF)
  • Belden's DCX solution for successful cable management, accommodating high numbers of fiber connections & ODF density requirements