Hirschmann RED25 Fast Ethernet Redundancy Switches

RED25 Switches enable cost-effective, customizable networking solutions for applications in need of redundancy and security. Customizable based on specific port needs or environmental factors, such as temperature range, RED25 options can meet your industrial application’s requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Futureproof Network Design: SFP modules enable simple, in-the-field changes
  • Keep Costs in Check: Switches meet entry-level industrial network needs and enable economical installations, including retrofits
  • Maximum Uptime: Redundancy options ensure interruption-free data communications throughout your network
  • Various Redundancy Technologies: PRP, HSR, and DLR as well as comprehensive built-in security features


Belden will discontinue OpenRail RS20/30/40 variants of Hirschmann Classic Software Switches. The last order date is 31 December 2023. Newer models of these switches are available running the state-of-the-art Hirschmann Operating System HiOS. These switches are drop-in replacements for their Classic Software based equivalents. Read More.


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