Solutions to Keep Data Flowing in            Oil & Gas Production Environments

Growing populations and increased energy needs rely on your oil and gas production. Industrial cable and connectivity are the lifeblood of onshore and offshore production in upstream, midstream and downstream applications.

Our demanding quality control ensures that all industrial-grade solutions pass stringent tests so you know they are built to perform. From indoor cabling to outside plant fiber and copper systems, Belden’s plant-wide solutions translate to maximum reliability, density and uptime in the settings that count on it most. We’ll help you futureproof your environment and prepare for scaling so that—when you’re ready—you can move toward automation and IIoT to save time and money.

  • Industrial CAT 5e, 6/6A & single-pair cables/cordsets for all things Industrial Ethernet. 100% shield coverage offers improved protection, bonded pair construction maintains durability & installable performance.
  • Heavy-duty & tactical single-mode/multimode fiber cables in a variety of fiber counts for industrial inter-building & outside plant duct, aerial & direct-burial applications.
  • End-to-end system solutions for total automation, interoperability & communication.
  • Engineering & technical consulting teams solve issues across various platforms and vendors, keeping networks up & running 24/7/365.
  • Belden involvement in industry standard committees for expertise on emerging technologies to prepare for what's ahead.

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