Secure, Reliable Networking Solutions for Transit

Enhancing Passenger Experience & Operational Efficiency


Secure wireless systems have become increasingly vital to the transit industry for both passenger-related and operator-oriented services. Passengers today expect Internet access via Wi-Fi for a better ride experience. Wireless applications also support advanced passenger services, public safety systems, control-command signaling and distributed telemetry services that gather and analyze information from vehicles and remote, difficult-to-reach areas.

Whether it’s delivering onboard Wi-Fi for passengers or supporting intelligent wireless transport systems through cellular transmission technologies, Belden industrial wireless solutions are the answer for fast, stable and secure wireless signal transmission in harsh transit environments.

  • Comprehensive high-speed ruggedized 3G/4G/LTE cellular routers and gateways are compatible with specified cellular spectrum frequencies around the globe
  • WLAN short-to-long range devices meet the latest IEEE 802.11 standards for reliable, high-speed wireless communications
  • Web-based interfaces & embedded GPS options enable location tracking and remote configuration, monitoring & troubleshooting from a centralized location
  • Enhanced security functionality provides secure VPNs & encryption using the latest security protocols

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