Belden Sets 2025 Environmental, Social and Governance Goals

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Belden announces the unveiling of its new environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, with targeted achievement set for 2025.

ST. LOUIS--- Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC), a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, has announced the unveiling of its new environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, with targeted achievement set for 2025. Belden’s 2025 ESG goals were set as a continuation of the company’s announcement one year ago to formalize its ESG approach and deliver on its commitment to foster a respectful, diverse, safe and environmentally conscious workplace for employees, vendors and partners.

“Our work to develop a robust company-wide ESG strategy has taken shape in the goals we are announcing today,” stated Leah Tate, Senior Vice President Human Resources. “By making a public statement about the targets we are pursuing environmentally, socially, and with regards to governance, we are celebrating our commitment to, and holding ourselves accountable to achieving these targets. We are taking this step with excitement for what the future holds as we continue to become the Belden our employees, investors, vendors and partners are proud to be part of.”

To celebrate these goals, Belden has updated the ESG section on the company website which outlines the strategy that helped shape these tangible targets and reiterates Belden’s commitment to ESG. Additional details regarding each of the environmental, social and governance goals are also included, and Belden plans to release additional data in the coming months.

“For more than 120 years, Belden has earned a reputation for operating in a responsible and ethical manner and we feel strongly about making a positive impact,” said Roel Vestjens, President and CEO. “Today, we are putting our ambitions into action in announcing the goals related to our ESG strategy which will significantly guide how we operate as a company, minimizing our environmental impact on the planet, enhancing our culture to care for the professional and personal wellbeing of our associates, expanding diversity and inclusion initiatives, and ensuring that Belden is counted among the most ethical companies in the world.”

Belden’s goals related to its environmental impact, energy use and emissions cover several areas that will influence the company’s operations:

  • Reduce global scope 1 and scope 2 total combined emissions by 25% against a fiscal year 2019 baseline
  • Increase the use of electricity generated from site specific renewable sources from 2019 levels at manufacturing and distribution locations
  • Increase total global electricity efficiency from 2019 levels at manufacturing and distribution locations
  • Achieve at least 90% of waste diverted from landfills for manufacturing and distribution locations
  • Increase the use of renewable or recyclable materials in packaging by 20% against a fiscal year 2021 baseline

In 2021, Belden took significant steps in its journey toward enhancing its social impact and building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. The company has now announced public goals to support the advancement of that journey into the future:

  • As a first step toward the company’s vision of a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, deliver unconscious bias training to 100% of the Belden team worldwide
  • Inspire and motivate 60% or more of global employees to participate in company wellness programs
  • Encourage global team members to participate in an average of 16 hours per year of community related activities
  • Fill 75% of the company’s top 150 positions with talent developed within Belden
  • Graduate over 200 professionals from Belden’s Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP) and Intern Program
  • Achieve employee engagement survey results in which at least 85% of employees report they have the opportunity for development and growth at Belden
  • Assess responsible sourcing risks within Belden’s supply chain
  • Conduct audits of the most at-risk tier 1 direct suppliers
  • Engage 100% of conflict minerals suppliers

Belden has also established governance goals, which focus on its commitment to ethical business practices:

  • Gain recognition as one of the most ethical global companies
  • Achieve understanding of the Code of Conduct from 100% of global non-production team members

For more information on Belden’s 2025 ESG goals and updates as the company works to achieve them, please visit the Belden ESG website.

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