Why You Cannot Ignore Cat 6A Anymore

White paper Stephane Bourgeois

It Is No Longer Just for Data Centers

Times are changing and we want you to be aware that you simply can't ignore Category 6A anymore. Emerging applications are demanding it, standards are recommending it, and many barriers are no longer relevant.

Category 6A twisted-pair copper solutions received much attention when they first hit the marketplace in 2005, and again when the ANSI/TIA-568-B.2-10 Category 6A standard was published in April of 2008. However, the past decade has witnessed a slow adoption of Category 6A in the enterprise environment, especially in the LAN.


People have been ignoring Category 6A for the last decade because of high costs, physical restrictions, and application irrelevance. For many customers, the ROI of a higher cost solution has prevented them from upgrading. For others, the large diameter and other undesirable physical attributes have caused them to keep their distance from Category 6A. In addition to the cost and physical restrictions, many people didn't have applications that required the bandwidth of a Category 6A solution.

Topics in this White Paper

  1. Emerging Applications Now Demand Category 6A
  2. More Standards Recommend It
  3. 3 Reasons for Non-Adoption That Are No Longer Valid
  4. 7 Things to Look For When Choosing the Right Category 6A Cable
  5. Belden's Category 6A Solution

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