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Streamline Fiber Splicing with Interchangeable Fiber Holders

Isaac Sachse
Our interchangeable fiber holders work with different splicers and connector footprints. What does this mean for you? Fewer costly splicer investments. 


There’s no getting around the fact that fiber splicers are expensive. Some cost several thousands of dollars—or more. Once you’ve purchased a splicing device, you want to be able to extract as much value out of that high-cost asset as possible.


As fiber installation continues to increase, fusion splicing is becoming a more popular splicing option, which means more installers are using fusion splicers. As an automated process that relies less on the skills and expertise of technicians and installers and more on the quality and accuracy of the device, fusion splicing can ensure excellent connections while reducing rework and installation costs (especially for projects that require lots of splicing).


Several manufacturers offer proprietary fiber splicers: Their splicer can only be used with the connectors they offer. Splicers usually come with holders to help fibers load correctly and maintain correct positioning. These fiber holders work universally with fiber and pigtails from any manufacturer, as well as proprietary holders for splice-on connectors.


So what happens when you start a new project that uses a different connector brand? You often need another fusion splicer, too.


While Belden used to sell its own fusion splicer (the FX Fusion Splicer), we decided to move away from offering yet another proprietary splicing device and instead focus our efforts on developing a series of affordable adaptable fiber holders instead. Unlike several other holders on the market, these cost-efficient components can be used inside many popular splicer brands, including AFL/Fujikura, FiberFox and Sumitomo. This means you can use the fusion splicers you already have when it’s time to splice Belden fiber.


What Is an Adaptable Fiber Holder?

All splicers use fiber holders that mount and align the glass inside optical fiber to prevent it from moving during the splicing process. Two small metal pins on the holder hold the glass in place while the splicer completes the splice.


While most holders are designed to work with one type of connector and one kind of splicer, our interchangeable holders give you the flexibility to use whichever splicer you choose so you can work with the components you prefer (and what you already have)—or switch connectors when needed without investing in a different splicing device.


Our interchangeable fiber holders are designed to sit properly in different splicers and work with different connector footprints (LC and SC, for example). All you have to do is remove the existing fiber holders in your splicer, slide the new holder from Belden into place and you’re ready to splice. There’s no need to match connectors with holders and splicers—or keep multiple types of splicers or fiber holders in stock.


Fiber Splicers vs. Interchangeable Fiber Holders

Choosing a high-quality fiber splicer is key to ensuring a proper and lasting connection. Some installers shy away from fusion splicing altogether because the one-time capital expense is so high. But the more you can use your fiber splicer, the more you’ll make on your investment in the long run.


After using a few fiber splicers, installers usually find their favorites and stick with them. These could be splicers that are especially simple to use, can splice quickly or are easy to carry from project to project.


Instead of purchasing yet another device that does what all your other splicing devices do—join optical fibers—Belden allows you to purchase an adaptable fiber holder that clips right into your favorite splicer.


This means you don’t have to invest in a new splicer every time you work with a new fiber brand for the first time.


Which Splicers Can Be Used with Belden’s Fiber Holders?

As more installers learn about our adaptable holders, we often hear this question: “Which holder do I need for the splicer I currently use?”


It’s important to match the right Belden holders with your fusion splicer(s). Belden offers a selection of interchangeable fiber holders that work with several connector types and accommodate different splicer manufacturers.


To make the process easy, we created an easy-to-reference guide that lists the most popular splicer manufacturers and models on the market. This list matches those devices with the right Belden FX Fusion Splice Holder part number. Our holders can be used with splicers made by:

  • AFL/Fujikura
  • Belden (discontinued)
  • FiberFox
  • INNO
  • KomShine
  • Sumitomo
  • Tempo/Greenlee
  • UCL Swift


The guide also has valuable tips and recommendations to help you load the holder into your splicer correctly, assemble the connectors and ensure proper positioning.


With our interchangeable holders, you can continue to use the splicers you love and are most comfortable with while also using Belden’s FX Fusion Splice-On Connectors—and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars to do so.

View our updated holder reference guide.

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