OptiTuff® Mini Fiber Cable

Our revolutionary, one-of-a-kind OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cable utilizes advanced, ruggedized thermoplastic material as a cost-effective, top-quality alternative to traditional metal armored cable. Compared to non-armored fiber cables, this all-dielectric armor provides superior durability and crush resistance, making it one of the most versatile fiber cables on the market. The cable maintains excellent mechanical properties while being more flexible and easier to handle and install than metal armored cable—with no grounding or conduit required. This distinctive set of characteristics makes it an optimal solution for projects requiring easy-to-install fiber, including small spaces, raceways or environments with lots of tight and challenging turns.

Features & Benefits

  • Smaller and Lighter: Up to 90% lighter than metal armored cable, 70% smaller OD vs metal armored cable and 50% smaller OD vs non-armored cable
  • Crush Resistant: High crush resistance and durability eliminate the need for conduit and maintain reliability
  • Small Bend Radius: For high-density raceway or tray installation (3 times smaller than non-armored; 9 times smaller than metal armor)
  • Anti-Kink: Lighter weight and anti-kink properties make pulling fast and easy
  • Cost Savings: No grounding kit necessary, resulting in material and labor cost savings. Cost-effective alternative to traditional metal armored fiber
OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables
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