Commercial AV Solutions

Elevate your Commercial AV Infrastructure & Achieve Broadcast-Grade Performance


Today, commercial AV is what keeps organizations running. It’s the technology that professionals in commercial office spaces rely on to produce and create. Schools depend on it for engaging and interactive learning. Hospitals count on it for training, remote consultation, and patient diagnosis. 

Cable and connectivity products from Belden provide the infrastructure you need to elevate commercial AV infrastructure and achieve broadcast-grade performance, supporting high bandwidth and wireless connectivity—whether you need to add a few monitors to a breakroom, create huddle rooms or build out a fully integrated and immersive auditorium featuring the latest in virtual and augmented reality.

We take time to understand your needs as an installer and integrator—as well as the needs of your client when it comes to their daily workflows, goals, and challenges. By taking this collaborative approach, everyone wins: You deploy a trusted and reliable infrastructure made up of easy-to-install solutions that will keep your clients’ vital communications and collaboration technology running for years, giving them a competitive edge.

With our wide breadth of fiber and copper cabling and connectivity, Belden creates solutions that put ease of installation at the forefront. Our engineering and designs are inspired by what you tell us you need for your commercial AV projects: secure, high-performance products with an excellent reputation that also reduce rework and eliminate installation issues. Because we own the manufacturing process, we can also work with you to create tailor-made solutions when they’re needed.

Belden partners with a wide network of distributors, making it easy to find all the products you need. When you work with us, you’re working with the most trusted brand in commercial AV infrastructure—and a team with unmatched industry expertise. Solving tough commercial AV infrastructure challenges is what we do.

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