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Superior Broadcast Connectivity Solutions

High-performance broadcast cable is critical to meet extreme demands of rapid deployment and retrieval applications. Equally important is choosing the right fiber optic connectors to minimize return loss, eliminate unexpected downtime and maximize broadcast signal integrity and quality. 

Belden Fiber, Copper and Coax Connectors exceed return-loss standards, providing optimum headroom when broadcasters need to push the limits. With proven and industry-accepted connector designs combined with ongoing installation improvements, count on Belden connectivity solutions to save time and money.


  • Reliable, easy & versatile copper terminations using a single termination method with a universal termination core for all CAT 5e, 6/6A RJ45 connections
  • Combined benefits of fusion splicing with simplicity of field-installable connector to expand fiber field-termination options & improve installation performance & reliability
  • Multiple fiber connectivity solutions eliminate crimping, polishing or adhesives for termination to minimize installation errors
  • Automated splicing tools provide consistent highest-quality fiber termination
  • Connectivity solutions designed to make deployment easier, put hours back in your day, complete more work & increase project revenue

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