High-Density Fiber Connectivity Solutions

Flexibility, Streamlined Expansion & Cost-Effective Solutions for Data Centers

Fiber infrastructure solutions designed for performance, reliability & agility today and into the future.


With explosive data growth, bigger faster networks and advanced compute capacity, fiber infrastructures are needed to deliver on data speed & density requirements. Belden provides high-quality, future-proof fiber optic cable and connectivity product solutions to connect IT spaces, equipment and facilities. With thousands of available products and custom solutions, we can with virtually any of signal transmission needs, in the data center and beyond.


  • Highest-quality termination on the market with FX Fusion Splicer terminations
  • Improved network performance with low-loss OM4 0.2 dB MPO & 0.15 LC connectors
  • Fast, premium performance with FX Fusion connections–without the premium price
  • Easy identification of fiber type with Erika Violet OM4 cable & connectors
  • Stackable configurations for Interconnect & Cross-Connect FX UHD High-Density Fiber Wall Mounts accommodate up to 48 splices
  • Lockable main compartment on FX UHD Wall Mounts to protect access to backbone cables


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