OTN Systems

OTN Systems develops mission-critical networks for specific industrial markets including power utilities, metros, light rails, oil and gas, and mining. Customers are spread across more than 80 countries worldwide. The XTran product range offers all necessary features which are important in harsh environments while its management system supports intuitive and simple handling.

Electrical substation

We know
your industry

By working closely with numerous end-users over the last 30 years, OTN Systems has acquired the necessary expertise to develop the perfect networking solutions, which are cost-effective, highly reliable and very easy to use with a hard commitment to extended lifecycle support.


network resilience

Industrial customers face some major challenges as traditional SDH/SONET based networks will need to be replaced. To rise to this challenge, OTN Systems has developed XTran, a flexible product built on MPLS-TP technology allowing customers to go full packet.


Excellent products backed by excellent services

A wide range of services reduces deployment risks: Factory Acceptance Tests in our laboratories prior to delivery, extensive XTran training courses to prepare for a successful project roll-out and an extensive 24/7 service offering.


XTran makes MPLS for Operational Telecom easy



Tailored for industrial applications

  • Built on MPLS-TP standard
  • Sector specific requirements
  • Future-proof technology


Intuitive and simple

  • Network Management Systems made easy
  • Fast diagnostics
  • Seamless support for legacy


Reliable operations in harsh environments

  • Optimized network security
  • Unmatched network resilience
  • Rugged industrial design


XTran product family


An XTran network consists of nodes, interconnected by Ethernet, and a management system called TXCare. A variety of node types is available providing the ideal solution for each location. The network is perfectly scalable from tens to thousands of nodes. Any topology can be constructed with the XTran portfolio. On the WAN side, gigabit Ethernet, 10Gbps and 40Gbps interfaces are available - evolving to 100Gbps. XTran comes with an unprecedented suite of interface cards for legacy equipment, including popular analogue circuits for operational telephony, as well as state-of-the art Ethernet/PoE.


Redundancy is key in order to maximize network availability. Common control, switching fabric, network synchronization, uplinks, MPLS tunnels, pseudowires and power modules can all be duplicated. Obviously, this results in spectacular MTBF figures for service availability.






State-of-the-art Network Management System


TXCare is an intuitive, graphical interface for the network administrator. It has built-in traffic engineering capabilities making sure that critical services are configured properly. Network failures are detected and diagnosed. Event logs and audit trails are available to perform in-depth investigations. On demand performance management is done with a few mouse clicks. Multi-functional views of the physical network, the programmed tunnels and its individual services are retrieved on the fly.

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