Solutions for Wireless M2M Connectivity

For customers in discrete manufacturing, transportation, and local/long-distance public transport, reliable communications are the key to achieving the benefits of digital transformation. NetModule’s certified and modular devices – combined with an innovative software platform – provide a scalable, easy-to-manage communications solution that can support mobile applications and advanced automation in industrial environments. 

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Our sophisticated support system will assist you during the entire life cycle of your product. Our support team will be there for you, either in person or online, regardless if you have a general support request or a technical problem. On our website you will find extensive tools that make it easy for you to contact us.

Product Adaptation

Modularity is a unique selling point of our products. Nevertheless, there will be use cases the existing features are not sufficient to realize. But thanks to the modular design of our products and the fact that we develop them completely in-house, we will in many cases be able to perform customer- or application-specific product adaptations.

OEM Products

You appreciate our products, but would you like to sell them under your own name? Or you have an attractive software application and need suitable hardware? Or you have an idea for a product in the IoT environment and need an experienced partner to realize it? You have come to the right place!