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Loose Tube Fiber Cable

Belden's Loose Tube Fiber Cables are ideal for indoor/outdoor applications, including use in conduit, direct burial, lashed aerial and trunking applications. Their designs utilize 250 µm fibers in central and multi-loose-tube constructions ranging in fiber counts from 2 to 288. Standard offerings include plenum, riser and outside plant (OSP) ratings with the option of aluminum interlocked armor or steel corrugated armor.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates Grounding: An all-dielectric design removes this extra step
  • Facilitate Mass Fusion Splicing: 250 µm fibers allow multiple fibers to be fused at once
  • Increased Crush Resistance: Offered in interlocking and steel corrugated armor
  • Space Savings: Choose from single and multi-unit designs

Single-jacket, multi-loose tube cables
TypeArmor Type Rating Tech Data
Single-jacket, All DielectricNon-armoredOSP, CMRProduct Detail
Single-jacket, Single ArmorSteel CorrugatedOSPProduct Detail

double-jacket, multi-loose tube cables
Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Double-jacket, All DielectricNon-armoredOSPProduct Detail
Double-jacket, Single ArmorSteel CorrugatedOSP, CMRProduct Detail
Double-jacket, Single ArmorAluminum Interlocked CMRProduct Detail

central loose tube cables
Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Single-jacket, All DielectricNon-armored OSPProduct Detail
Single-jacket, Single ArmorSteel Corrugated OSP

Harsh ENVIRONMENT--Multi-loose tube cables 
Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Tray Rated -- TrayOpticsNon-armored
Tray Rated -- TrayOpticsSteel Corrugated
Low Temperature -- Arctic CableNon-armored
Shipboard -- MarineTuffNon-armored
Shipboard -- MarineTuffArmored

harsh environment -- central loose tube cables
Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Shipboard -- MarineTuffNon-armored UL: OFNR ABS Type ApprovedProduct Detail
Shipboard -- MarineTuff Armored UL: OFCR ABS Type ApprovedProduct Detail
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