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MLT Cable

Belden's Multi-Loose Tube (MLT) Cables are ideal for indoor/outdoor applications, including use in conduit, direct burial, lashed aerial and trunking. Their designs utilize 250 µm, ranging in fiber counts from 2 to 288. Standard offerings include plenum, riser and outside plant (OS) ratings with the option of aluminum interlocked armor or steel corrugated armor. Now offering RailTuff Fiber Optic Cable, designed specifically for enhanced safety and fire protection for transportation applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Application Flexibility: Select constructions meet Oil Res I & II ratings, perform at low temperature down to -55°C, and meet ABS approvals for marine applications
  • Easy Installation: All-dielectric designs eliminate the need for grounding
  • Greater Efficiency: Save space and enable easier installation with multi-fibers per tube
  • Reduce Labor Costs: 250 µm fiber design facilitates mass fusion splicing
  • Ruggedized Options: Aluminum interlocked and steel corrugated armor offerings remove the need for conduit and increase crush resistance

Multi-Loose Tube LSZH Bronze Braid Armored
No. of Fibers OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2Tech Data
6TM-1LF-006-HBANTM-3LF-006-HBANTM-4LF-006-HBANTM-SLF-006-HBANProduct Detail

RailTuff Fiber Optic Transit Cable
Multi-loose tube cable
No. of Fibers

Fiber Types


Armor Options

Technical Data

2-36 Fiber*


NFPA 130, 502

All Dielectric (no armor), Single Jacket


Interlocked Aluminum or Steel, Double Jacket


Corrugated Steel Tape, Double Jacket

Product Detail






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