No business or industry is safe from attack. Whether intentional or accidental, threats can come at the hands of internal personnel or external hackers. Either way, an unprotected network puts your enterprise at risk. To counter these risks, the best practices of Defense in Depth and zones and conduits are needed. Belden’s security devices deliver the functionality needed to implement these best practices and ensure the safety, resiliency and reliability of your system.

Features & Benefits

  • Unrivaled System Configurability: Comprehensive graphical user interface, firewall learning mode and deep packet inspection (DPI) modules
  • Real-Time Visibility: Inspection of 100+ SCADA protocols through Tripwire Industrial Visibility
  • Around-the-Clock Network Monitoring: Maximum defensibility against threats of today’s industrial networks with ruggedized housing
  • Heightened Performance & Security: More port options with increased bandwidth, stateful firewall and encryption techniques
Firewalls and Security Appliances
Type Ports Tech Detail
Industrial Security Router2 x FE portsEAGLE One
Industrial Security Firewall with DPI functionalityTofinoXE
Industrial Firewall, Router, Transparent (Bridging)4 x FE TX portsEAGLE20
4 x FE TX + 2 x FE/GE SFP slot, optional 2 x SHDSLEAGLE30
Next-Generation Firewall with Stateful/Deep Packet Inspection and IPSec VPN2 x GbE RJ45 LAN + 1 x GbE RJ45/SFP  WANEAGLE40-03
5 x GbE RJ45 ports + 2 x GbE SFP portsEAGLE40-07
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