Hirschmann Fiber Interface Accessories

The system accessories for Hirschmann fiber interfaces offer practical and functional solutions that are perfectly adapted to the respective high-quality fiber optic cable modules for your systems. They are easy to assemble while guaranteeing secure power supply.

Features & Benefits

  • Future-proof: Developed especially for Hirschmann Fiber Interfaces, based on extensive experience with real customer applications
  • Reliable Power Source: For sensitive loads in many industrial automation environments where equipment is exposed to harsh conditions
Power Supplies
Compatibility Mounting Output Voltage/ Current Operating temperature Product Detail
Universal DIN Rail 24V / 1.3A -10°C to +70°C RPS 30
Universal DIN Rail 24V / 3.4A -25°C to +70°C RPS 80 EEC
For Fiber Converters Plug-in 5V / 2A 0°C to +40°C PSW 5-20
Mounting Accessories
AccessorySuitable for Fiber Converters:Product Detail
DIN Rail Adapter OZDV 2451 POZDV HA
OZDV 2451 G
OZDV 2471 P
OZDV 2471 G
OZDV 2471 G-1300
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