Optical Bypass Relay

If network availability is your top priority, then the Optical Bypass Relay is the perfect solution. Even if power fails simultaneously on a number of switches, your network—with the exception of the directly affected applications—will continue to be available.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Maintenance & Service: Schedule bridging of system components
  • Maximize Uptime: The network remains operational even when one or more switches suffers a power outage
  • Trigger Bypass Function at Will: Control contact supports easy maintenance or selective shutdown of parts of the network
Optical Bypass Relay
Standard Ports Port Type Multi-mode Single-mode Topology Operating Temp. Technical Data
Universal 4 4 Optical9/125 µm Line–40°C to +70°CProduct Detail
4 5 Optical50/125 µmLine–30°C to +70°CProduct Detail
4 6 Optical62.5/125 µmLine–40°C to +70°CProduct Detail
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