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Hirschmann IT MAMMUTHUS Enterprise Managed Switches

Hirschmann IT MAMMUTHUS (MTS*) Series Switches are high-performance enterprise Ethernet switches offering a reliable, secure and powerful solution for IT/OT convergence applications across multiple industries. With comprehensive L2 switching features and advanced L3 functions, MTS devices provide operational efficiency today while laying the foundation for realizing the full potential of Industrie 4.0. *NOTE*: MTS Series Switches are available in the Asia Pacific region.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple link redundancy functions including STP/RSTP/MSTP & ERPS/ERPS for optimized convergence performance & network stability
  • Full complement of port security features including DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, IP source guard & MAC limiting for internal & external network attacks
  • Integrated password controlled web interface via SNMP or command line interface for secure remote configuration through the network

MTS Series Switch Detail 


MTS8000 Managed Ethernet Switch Front View

MTS8000 series switch has compact configuration and powerful extension capability. The switch provides industry-leading SFP+/QSFP port density inside 6U/11U/15U chassis. Besides, it provides lots of ports in various types and can support PoE/PoE+. MTS8000, together with other switches in MAMMATHUS series, provides an end-to-end total network solution.

MTS8000 series switches have dual redundant engines, up to 8 media module slots and they are able to support GE, SFP, SFP+ and QSFP type of ports. Besides, both MTS8006 and MTS8010 have 2 switch fabric slots. Moreover, MTS8000 devices can be managed by SDN controller via OpenFlow 1.3. Thus, no matter serves as a spine node in spine-leaf topology or as a core node in traditional topology, MTS8000 can play its best part.


MTS8000 has enhanced L2/L3 feature set and is able to support data center level network. The switch support router protocols such as OSPF/BGP/ISIS etc. It also support core routing protocol such as MPBGP/MPLS. The switch also supports stacking and MCLAG, which can provide a higher level network redundancy and performance. Besides, MTS8000 support all switching/routing feature sets of MTS2700 & MTS2800 and can offer continuous security strategy and configuration logic.

> See datasheet

MTS8000 Managed Switch HousingMTS8000 Managed Switch Side View MTS8000 Managed Ethernet Switch Side View

MTS2800 Managed Ethernet Switch Front ViewThe MTS2900 Series of Managed Ethernet Switches feature industry-leading port density & switching speed. The device can serve as a core switch, combined with MTS2600, MTS2700 or MTS2800 for a compact data network solution as well as an aggregation switch with MTS8000 for larger networks.

MTS2900 Switches have 48 SFP+ slots to support 1G/10G SFP modules & multiple SFP applications from 550m multi-mode SFP to 80km single-mode SFP+. The 40G QSFP offers high-speed uplink/interconnection links & can be used in spine-leaf model deployments supporting openflow 1.3 SDN controller.

With an enhanced Layer 2/L feature set, the MTS2900 can support database-level networks with maximum configuration flexibility. These switches support router protocols including OSPF, BGP & ISIS, core routing protocols such as MPBGP & MPLS for continuous network security & configuration logic.

> See datasheet

MTS2900 Managed Switch Side ViewHirschmann MTS2800 Managed Switch Side View

MTS2800 Managed Ethernet Switch Front ViewMTS2800 Series Switches offer a complete data access & aggregation solution. Equipped with redundant PSUs, these ruggedized, compact & low-noise devices are ideal for space-constrained locations with temperatures up to 55°C.


All RJ45 ports support auto-negotiation & MDI/MDI-X. With four or six SFP+ slots & stacking configuration functionality, these switches provide reliable & flexible options for multiple applications including desktop, ELV room & data aggregation layer.


With comprehensive Layer 2/3 feature sets, these devices are a reliable choice for network planning. General security & flow-control technology such as DAI, DHCP snooping, IGMP snooping & 802.1x help network administrators deploy a secure & robust network infrastructure.

> See datasheet

MTS2800 Managed Switch Side ViewHirschmann MTS Managed Switch Top ViewMTS2800 Managed Ethernet Switch Side View

MTS2700 Managed Switch Front View

MTS2700 Series Switches offer a full access solution with a wide variety of security features including DAI/DHCP snooping, optimized multicast via IGMP snooping & broadcast control to ensure network security & stability.

All MTS2700 RJ45 ports are PoE/PoE+ enabled & provide up to 30W power supply for PoE devices. An ideal Layer 2/Layer 3 switch with modular PSUs, these devices provide FRU & reliably perform in harsh environments (up to 55°C).

> See datasheet

MTS2700 Managed Switch Side ViewMTS2700 Managed Ethernet SwitchHirschmann MTS2700 Managed Switch

The MTS 2600 Series entry level access switch delivers reliable performances without sacrificing flexibility. A 10 Gigabit port ensures uplink speed to the core switch & MTS 2600 Series RJ45 ports support auto-negotiation & MDI/MDI-X. All SFP+ slots can work under 1/10G mode & support 1G & 10G MTS SFP modules, including fiber & UTP/STP*.

For higher port density & access-level performance, MTS 2600 supports stacking & downlink-oversubscribe design with 24 GE access port coupling with four 10G SFP+ uplink ports. MTS 2600 Series Switches support ERPS & with hardware-based broadcast control, these switches are deployable in ring topology.

* For full SFP detail, refer to MAMMUTHUS Series brochure
> See datasheet.

MTS2600 Series Managed SwitchMTS2600 Managed Switch Front View