Matrix Switch Fiber Harnesses

Simplify fiber installation, configuration and maintenance to and from Thinklogical Matrix Switches with new Thinklogical Fiber Harnesses. A perfect match for Thinklogical Matrix Switch I/O cards, the harnesses support clean, streamlined cable bays for reliable operation. Save time by pulling one Thinklogical Fiber Harness instead of managing bundles of loose cables. The harnesses are designed with enough slack to enable easy removal and swapping of the switch I/O cards. Completely configurable, the solution can be ordered to meet your specifications and requirements from fiber and connector type to leg quantity and length.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely Configurable: Choose built to order or standard kits. Pre-configured and pre-terminated staggering legs to exact specifications of switches
  • Lighter and Smaller: Simplify assembly attachment points, multi-port patching and pulling eye removal with smaller, lighter transitions. Lighter and smaller transitions also make easier attachment points using horizontal cable manager
  • Reliable: Ensure uptime and reduce disruption when moving or replacing hot-swappable switch I/O cards
  • Time Savings: Significantly reduces installation and fiber-connection configuration time and effort
  • Reduce Cable Congestion: Reduce tie wraps and eliminate slack for a tidy installation while maximizing routing flexibility


*For SmartPart Configurator information, please refer to the Optical Fiber Catalog.

Matrix Switch Number of Cards Ports Per Card Fibers Per Card Number of Trunks Assembly Fiber Count Location
TLX1280 40 32 64 4 16 Top & Bottom
TLX640 / VX640 32 20 40 2 20 Top & Bottom
TLX320 / VX320 20 16 32 2 16 Bottom
TLX160 16 10 20 1 20 Bottom
TLX80 / VX80 16 5 10 1 10 Bottom
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