The 3G-SDI (standardized in SMPTE 424M) is Belden’s first-generation video coax cable for HD-SDI quality video signals offering high resolution uncompressed signal over long distances such as HD-serial digital video transfer, mobile apps, HDTV upgrades, broadband facilities, and other applications with HD-SDI video.

Features & Benefits

  • High Flexible: Supports transfers to both RF and audio video signals, particularly 3G-SDI HD-SDI quality video signals
  • Meets Diverse Needs: Works with SDI conversion & digital switching matrix equipment & SDI distributor equipment as well as 1.5G signals for long-distance transmission
  • Provides a Quality Image: Supports higher-resolution image quality such as 1080P and digital cinema
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3.0 GHz Mini RG-59 Riser1371R
RG-59 Plenum1370P
RG-6 Riser1369R
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