RG6 Coax Cable

Designed to support cable and satellite signal transmission with minimal static and maximum picture quality, Belden’s low-loss RG6 Cable is small in diameter (18 AWG) and easy to bend. It features excellent bandwidth capabilities, low capacitance and double-sided foil shielding overlaid with a dense tinned copper braid. It also strips and terminates easily for quick deployment.

Features & Benefits

  • Application Flexibility: Supports everything from low-frequency analog audio to high-frequency, high-bandwidth uses; handles sharp turns and bends
  • Better Signal Quality: Large conductor, thicker dielectric insulation and superb shielding provide protection from signal interference
Shielding Rating Part Number Tech Data
Duobond II + 60% Al Braid General9116Product Detail
1829AProduct Detail
Riser9116RProduct Detail
1829RProduct Detail
Plenum9116PProduct Detail
1829PProduct Detail
Burial9066Product Detail
1829BProduct Detail
Messenger9117MProduct Detail
1839AProduct Detail
Parallel9077Product Detail
1841AProduct Detail
Duobond II + 90% Al Braid General1530AProduct Detail
Plenum1530APProduct Detail
Burial1532AProduct Detail
Messenger1531AM Product Detail
Duobond III + 60% Al Braid General9118Product Detail
Burial1837AProduct Detail
Messenger9119MProduct Detail
 Duobond III + 77% Al Braid General1613AProduct Detail
1613BProduct Detail
Burial1614AProduct Detail
1614BProduct Detail
Messenger1615AMProduct Detail
1615BMProduct Detail
Duobond IV 60% and 40% Al Braid General1189AProduct Detail
7916AProduct Detail
Riser1322RProduct Detail
Plenum1189APProduct Detail
Burial1190AProduct Detail
Messenger1191AMProduct Detail
Duobond Plus + 77% Al Braid General9058Product Detail
Burial9062Product Detail
Messenger9059MProduct Detail
Duobond Plus 77% and 80% Al Braid General7915AProduct Detail
Duofoil + 95% TC Braid Plenum89120Product Detail
82120Product Detail
Duofoil + 60% and 40% TC Braid Plenum1152AProduct Detail
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