RG59 Coax Cable

Belden’s RG59 Cable is a precision broadcast video cable for low-bandwidth, low-frequency (below 50 MHz) applications, including analog video, RF and video surveillance. With an impedance of 75 Ohms, the cable features a solid 20 AWG bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation and Dufoil shielding with a tinned copper braid. It’s also offered in eight different colors for identification purposes.

Features & Benefits

  • Best Possible Signal Quality: A 95% braid performs better without extra bulk and weight
  • Resists Signal Loss: Offers a high resistance to signal loss for better performance
Product Variations
Shielding Rating Part Number Tech Data
Duofoil + 96% TC BraidPlenum89108 Download
82108 Download
Duobond II + 67% Al Braid General9104 Download
Plenum9104P Download
Duobond III + 67% Al Braid General9110 Download
Duofoil + 54% and 47% TC Braid Plenum1151A Download
Duobond IV + 67% and 46% Al Braid General1186A Download
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