Category 6A Jacks

Belden’s CAT6A 10GX Jacks are available in two termination styles: REVConnect universal core technology and standard punchdown for KeyConnect and MDVO jacks. REVConnect and KeyConnect have a keystone footprint and are designed to be used with KeyConnect Patch Panels and with KeyConnect or MediaFlex Workstation Outlets. A key building block of 10GX Systems, 10GX Jacks deliver unmatched Beyond 10G™ performance exceeding all parameters specified in the CAT 6A standard.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Design: UTP and shielded jacks, and multiple colors to identify various applications; REVConnect is safe for use in Plenum spaces
  • Fast Installation: REVConnect features industry’s easiest termination process; KeyConnect/MDVO is compatible with Belden's Rapid Termination Tool
  • High Performance: Meets and exceeds all Category 6A component performance parameters
  • Highly Reliable: All 10GX Jacks provide excellent durability and performance stability; REVConnect boasts a 99% first-pass yield
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