Category 6A Cross-Connect System

The 10GX REVConnect Wall-Mount System is a high-density, flexible cross-connect system that meets Category 6A performance when using 10GXS Cable terminated with REVConnect Cores as jumpers between user and equipment ports. As the basic component of the system, the REVConnect Coupler (core-to-core connector) is surrounded by cable dressing and patch cable management accessories. The REVConnect 10GX Coupler can be used in any patch panel in consolidation points, providing cost-effective solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Termination: Simplicity with one termination method for all components
  • High Performance: Handles the most stringent networking applications
  • Optimize Space: Supports large cross connects in small spaces
  • Streamline Migration: Provides migration path to Category 6A for wall-mount cross-connect users
  • Decreased Clutter: Eliminate patch cord slack with cut-to-length management
REVConnect Wall-Mount Horizontal Channel KitRVUHOCK
10GX REVConnect Coupler Black 568A/B (includes 1 core)RVACPKUBK-S1
10GX REVConnect Coupler Black 568A/B Bulk Pack (includes 25 cores)RVACPKUBK-B24
REVConnect Wall-Mount Termination Kit Coupler 96-Port (includes 100 cores)RVAXCTK96CBK
REVConnect Wall-Mount Termination Module Coupler 16-Port (includes 16 cores)RVAXCTM16CBK
REVConnect Wall-Mount Termination Kit Jack 96-Port (includes 100 cores)RVAXCTK96JBK
REVConnect Wall-Mount Termination Module Jack 16-Port (includes 16 cores)RVAXCTM16JBK
REVConnect Wall-Mount Connector Mount 96-Port (empty)RVUXCMT96E
REVConnect Wall-Mount Connector Module 16-Port (empty)RVUXCCM16E
REVConnect Wall-Mount Cable Dressing ModuleRVUCADM
REVConnect Wall-Mount Patch Cable Management ChannelRVUPCMC
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