Fiber Polarity Webinar Series - Part 3: Advanced Applications & Special Use Cases


December 14, 2023 at  11:00 am EST

Presented by Henry Franc


Fiber polarity is essential to maintain fiber connections and keep signals moving. This webinar is the third in a series of four to help you better understand all aspects of fiber polarity.


In this webinar, our fiber specialists will quickly review their simple rules for achieving polarity, as well as types of components involved with fiber polarity and tips for proper polarity mapping.


Next, we’ll take a close look at advanced fiber applications that present polarity challenges, including considerations for things strand count, pinning and multiple connections. During the discussion, we’ll offer advice on how to plan for and overcome these obstacles.


In addition, we’ll examine how to handle special use cases that arise with fiber polarity, such as switch harnesses, asymmetrical systems and lane splitting.


By the end of this webinar, you’ll understand:

  1. How to deploy simple rules to ensure polarity in common, traditional fiber applications.
  2. Why achieving polarity is critical in advanced fiber applications.
  3. How to overcome the polarity challenges presented by advanced fiber applications.
  4. How to establish polarity in special use cases.