Finesse Your Data Center Redesign: Visibility, Balance, Agility

White Paper Shad Sechrist 01.04.2022

What Is This White Paper About?


Organizations that undertake data center upgrades require high levels of agility and flexibility to cope with implementation challenges. Once an agile and flexible redesign is in place, organizations can more effectively accommodate the changes required to meet today’s complex communications, compute and storage demands.


To achieve these goals, IT and C-suite leaders need to quickly pivot and employ different playbooks to overcome obstacles, adopt new technologies and create highly resilient data centers.


A flexible and scalable design will optimize a physical infrastructure to meet the needs of active equipment, cable management, connectivity and integration—to name a few.


In this whitepaper, we consider the key elements of space, power and performance on redesigns, steps to reduce unnecessary complexity and how to avoid hyper focusing on one technology solution as the answer to all your data center needs.


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