Planning Now for the Future: Hybrid Edge Data Centers

White Paper Shad Sechrist


What Is This White Paper About?


Nearly everything we do involves the use of a smart device. This reliance on constant communication and connectivity is boosting the amount of traffic being generated and moving us closer to 5G wireless technology—which makes bidirectional (send and receive) traffic a significant consideration.

Relying on one central location to send and receive all this data wastes valuable time and money. It can also create congestion and long transmission times that interrupt users and lead to downtime or failure—which aren’t options in mission-critical applications.

For this reason, more devices will start to send data to the “edge” and the cloud—and we’ll need to rely on more than one type of infrastructure (a “hybrid” approach) to make it happen.

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Introduction
  • Where Hybrid Edge Data Centers Are Being Deployed
  • Considerations for Hybrid Edge Data Center Operation
  • What Hybrid Edge Data Centers Mean for Your Cabling
  • Belden's Focus on Hybrid Edge Data Centers

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