Networks Take Center Stage in OT Cybersecurity


Industrial companies need stronger cybersecurity programs to deal with today’s sophisticated threat environment. A modern OT network infrastructure and pre-integrated cybersecurity management solutions are essential to manage this situation.

Download this insight paper from Sid Snitkin, Vice President, ARC Advisory to learn more about:


  • The cybersecurity capabilities needed to deal with today’s cyber threats and the major gaps in existing OT cybersecurity programs
  • The critical role that networks play in enabling secure facilities and the benefits of solutions that are pre-integrated with network infrastructure
  • Belden’s industrial cybersecurity solutions, and cybersecurity-specific network applications
  • The importance of involving a trusted network infrastructure provider in the design and implementation of network upgrades to reduce the risks of operational disruptions
  • Belden's systematic assessments against industry and customer-defined security standards, including recommendations to address today and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges