Belden Network Assessment Service

Optimize and enhance your network to gain insight, efficiency, and peace of mind, while driving true ROI for your business

Be Confident in Your Network

At Belden, we understand your operational, quality, safety, and innovation goals – and we’ll help you build a network that achieves them. For us, it starts with a comprehensive understanding of your infrastructure and analysis of how your data flows through a performance and compliance check. The Belden Network Assessment will provide you with a blueprint for a proven, end-to-end solution – one that’s designed to meet your specific KPIs and unique requirements, while ensuring your network outperforms industry benchmarks. Let us help you uncover what’s possible!

Solution Overview

Network Inventory

Step 1: Gain a holistic view of your operation's network with industry's experts.

Data Flow Survey

Step 2: Evaluate your current technology risks and limitations to achieving business outcomes.

Solution Benchmarking

Step 3: Uncover opportunities to implement the latest automation standards.

Recommended Roadmap

Step 4: Plan your pathway toward achieving operational excellence.

The Process Behind a Best-in-Class Network

An approach to analyzing your infrastructure, uncovering opportunities and tailoring a solution to your exact specifications and needs.

Step 1: Inventory

What We Deliver


• Clearly outlined requirements and specifications from top network experts.


• Preliminary view of potential business impacts and outcomes.


• Specific next steps to achieve aligned objectives.

Step 2: Survey



What We Deliver


  • Comprehensive evaluation report with analysis of risks, deviations and more.

  • Documented plant asset and infrastructure overview.

  • Use of advanced tools and equipment without additional cost.

Step 3: Benchmarking


What We Deliver

  • Trusted benchmarking and feasibility test results, including documentation of the current vs. desired network state.


• Full access to Belden’s state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Center lab and proof-of-concept testing.

Step 4: Recommendation


What We Deliver

Current network status:

- View of your existing network infrastructure.

- Includes hardware and software asset details and an analysis of space availability.

- Summary of network documentation with standards and policies used.

- Data capture opportunities for current machines/assets.


Future network state: An ideal layout with recommended components, guidelines and KPIs, as well as a step-up plan taking you to best-in-class status.

Recommended next steps: A detailed, end-to-end solution, including collaboration on design considerations and the commercial plan for your automation journey.

Projected impacts: Clearly listed business outcomes and ROI projections.

Extended project benefits: Including warranty extensions, technical consulting and guaranteed technical support.

Ready to Get Started?

Belden’s solution consultants and design engineers are ready to solve your unique networking challenges.

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