Revamping a Sports Broadcast Studio

Linda White

Emerging technology like 4K content, the integration of social media into sports experiences and streaming events on the go helps people stay connected to the teams they love when they’re attending events in person. Broadcast studios are doing more to offer content through traditional means – they can serve as their own “fan destination” and engage fans at home.


When Golf Channel redid its “Morning Drive” talk show set, it wanted to invest in the viewing experience and give fans something they hadn’t seen on television before. So they decided to install sets of LED monitors that act as clubhouse windows overlooking a golf course that’s coming to life in the morning hours.

Although fiber was one infrastructure option to transmit content to these screens, the costs associated with that approach were higher than what Golf Channel’s budget allowed. Instead, they found a solution in Belden’s 4K UHD Media Cable. Want to learn more? Read the blog in its entirety here!