Belden Innovation Leads to 13 New Product Launches/Line Extensions in Q1 2021

Corporate Communications

St. Louis, Missouri – March 2, 2021 – Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC), a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, continues to offer its customers more options to manage high density, reduce installation time and safely transmit data and power with the new Q1 2021 product launches.



  • Belden’s Digital Electricity™ (DE) Cable delivers DE power (up to 2,000W) on the copper pair while sending data via fiber over long distances (up to 2 km). The line expansion now includes indoor and indoor/outdoor 2 mm breakout plenum cables.


  • Reduce installation time with Belden’s FiberExpress Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable line. The expanded line now includes indoor and indoor/outdoor 2 mm breakout cables, low-smoke zero halogen in aluminum interlocked armor (AIA) and non-armored versions and indoor/outdoor 2 mm/3 mm breakout or distribution plenum cables in AIA versions.


  • Enhanced safety and fire protection is now available with RailTuff™ Fiber Optic Cable. Specifically designed for railside or roadway tunnel station and signaling operations, these reliable cables are built to extend the life of your transportation infrastructure.



  • The new M12 Power Cordsets & Attachables from Lumberg Automation are 50% smaller than traditional options, offering effective, safe and reliable solutions, even in the smallest settings.


  • Designed and certified to meet the needs of transportation applications, the M12 X-Code Field Attachable Connectors protect against mechanical shock, vibration, dust and moisture without compromising performance.


  • Extend the use of I/O modules and reliably connect sensor and actuator data with the M12 T-Splitter. This new, user-friendly design saves time and assembly costs by offering installation against walls.


  • The REVConnect® Connectivity line now includes the REVConnect 1U48 Patch Panel, a one-of-a-kind high-density patch panel with 48 ports in a 1U space. It utilizes REVConnect termination technology and is available for Category 5e, 6 and 6A configurations, as well as flat or angled alignments.


Networking & Software:

  • The BAT Controller Virtual automates the setup of secure VPN connections between industrial sites with just a few mouse clicks. This robust network connectivity is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, secure solution to network management.


  • The new BOBCAT High-Port Managed Switch, with up to 24 ports and various configuration options, is designed to meet rising bandwidth needs. This compact, powerful solution enables more securely connected devices to be on the network.


  • The Hirschmann Operating Systems (HiOS) Software has been updated to add a brand-agnostic, embedded OPC UA server, providing a universal communication bridge between all levels of automation architecture.


  • Belden’s newest network management software, Provize Core, offers an easy way to supervise your growing number of network devices free of charge.


Alpha Wire:

Alpha Wire’s new Xtra-Guard® Flex TPE line combines physical toughness and continuous flex performance in one cable for use in rugged environments. Visit to learn more.



Inefficiencies can be identified and corrected by using ProSoft’s new QuickServer units to connect HVAC, security systems and more. They offer protocol conversion between a complete suite of industry-leading building automation protocols. For more details, visit:


To learn more about these solutions, as well as the types of technology and applications they support, visit  



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