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7 Benefits of Being a Certified Cable Installer

Darrin Newman

There are many ways to go about winning business, but one standout approach for installers and integrators is becoming certified.

By joining an exclusive group of contractors that are dedicated to reliable network design and proper installation to ensure uptime and high performance, certified cable installers offer benefits that others can’t.

1. Faster Installation

Who better to install cabling and connectivity products other than professionals who have been trained on how to install them for the best, most high-performance results? Installation can be done faster and more efficiently if you’re taught the best ways to approach certain tasks – saving you time so you can move on to the next project faster.


2. New Business Opportunities

As a certified cable installer, you may be able to learn about upcoming cabling projects sooner. In Belden’s case, for example, if we’re brought into a project to provide cabling and connectivity infrastructure, we often bring one of our certified cable installers into the loop with us to serve as the installer.


3. New Technology Training

Certified cable installers are trained according to the latest, most relevant industry technology and standards – and, through continuing education, they’re kept up to date on changes as they occur.


They’re also the first to know about new ways to save time and reduce costs during installation. One good example: Certified cable installers are the first to receive training on how to work with new kinds of termination technology and installation methods like Belden’s REVConnect, which uses one reliable, easy and versatile termination process for all RJ45 connections – for Category 5e through Category 6A, and shielded and unshielded cables.


4. 25-Year Product Warranty

Completing a cable training and certification program often means you have access to warranties that other installers don’t.


Belden, for example, allows its certified cable installers to offer clients a 25-Year Product Warranty and Lifetime Application Assurance. This combination ensures that the installed system will meet or exceed industry standards for 25 years, as well as support future standards and protocols.


5. Less Opportunity for Human Error

When you receive hands-on training and certification on the correct way to install and connect cabling infrastructure, rework is reduced. You’ll know how to do things properly from the very start, with tips to make things work correctly from the start.


Even something as simple as pairing the correct connectivity solution with the correct cable could be done incorrectly if an installer isn’t trained and certified on how to properly complete the installation.


6. Onsite Support

Certified installer partners often have a direct connection to the system engineers and designers who created and stand behind the cabling and connectivity solutions being installed. For example, if any challenges or obstacles are encountered during a project involving Belden cable or connectivity, a product expert can be onsite quickly to help a certified installer resolve the issue.


7. Financial Savings

Once you undergo training through an installer certification program, there may be financial benefits, such as product rebates or promotions.


Belden’s PartnerAlliance Certification

Taught by Belden systems engineers, PartnerAlliance installers are trained and certified to install Belden solutions. Your team’s project managers and technicians learn how to design reliable networks and use best practices to properly install Belden solutions for constant uptime and high performance.


Once this training is successfully completed, installers receive the PartnerAlliance certification and participate in regular continuing education so they’re always on the front end of new technology and standards. They’re also the first to know when Belden announces new products or events, or releases a helpful case study, whitepaper or webinar.


Want to learn more about our training and certification programs? Learn more here. To find a qualified, certified installer in your area, use this online resource.