Early Career Talent Featured in STEM Workforce Diversity Magazine

Corporate Communications
In the Fall 2018 issue of STEM Workforce Diversity magazine, a feature highlighted 27 young professionals, who are leveraging their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and are now working in technology sectors. Belden’s Shelby Detring was among those featured within a section focused on telecom, fiber optics and networking.

Shelby is in her third year of Belden’s Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP). She’s currently working as an order fulfillment manager in Indianapolis. Her previous rotations have included a supply chain analyst in Elizabeth, NJ and a manufacturing engineer in Syracuse, NY.

When asked about the ECLP, Shelby said, “By rotating to new locations and new roles, especially right out of college, you gain a wide range of experience and knowledge about the job, yourself and about life. In this industry, different or new skills and tools can always be incorporated, so your knowledge from three separate –and sometimes very different –jobs can actually beneficially integrate into future roles, teams and projects.”

Shelby also shared her experience at Belden. “Every employee is challenged, and given the proper resources to opportunity to succeed. Individually, you and your talents are valued, and as an employee, you feel invested in.”

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